The beautiful Rio Uchima

The Uchima river flows from the Podocarpus National Park through San Pedro after which it merges with the Chamba river (visible from the bridge on the main road from Loja) to become the Vilcabamba river. The Vilcabamba river then heads west flowing through the pueblo Chaupi and then all the way to Peru. Chaupi is where Hacienda San Joaquin is located.

Being in Sacapo, a small village upstream from San Pedro de Vilcabamba, the Rio Uchima property has the great privilege to be upstream from any source of pollution.

The Uchima river has trouts, the water is crystal clear and perfectly safe to drink and the scenery is simply stunning.

Quinta 1, Quinta 2 and Quinta 14 are right by the river. The road is on the other side of the river.